Terms and Conditions of Use

Your University ID number verifies your affiliation with the University of Arizona, which is required for eligibility to use the CatCard. This number will be encoded on the card's magnetic stripe. Your University ID# is used by the university for internal purposes only. Personal information will not be provided to any outside agency by the CatCard Office, unless permitted by law.

A valid Government or State issued photo ID must be submitted at the time of application. Acceptable forms of photo identification include a Driver's License, Driver's Permit, Passport, Military ID, State ID or Tribal ID. School ID's are not accepted.


Only University of Arizona students, employees or approved affiliates are eligible for a CatCard. Violations of university policies or loss of affiliated status may result in loss of CatCard privileges . You have the option to have your preferred name printed on your card. To utilize this option, your preferred name must be updated in UAccess Student.

Information Printed and Encoded on the Card

The card is printed with your name, as registered at the University of Arizona, your photograph and an ISO (International Standards Organization) number. All cards include a contactless SmartChip. Encoded on the magnetic stripe are your name, University ID number and ISO number. To have the SmartChip activated for on campus use you must visit the CatCard Office on main campus in Tucson, Arizona. Personal information stored on the card will be subject to applicable laws and university policies.

Services and Uses of Card

The contactless SmartChip is used solely for door access to certain buildings. The magnetic stripe is used for all other listed services. Use of the CatCard by someone other than the cardholder is prohibited.

On campus, the card is used as an identification card and for the following services depending on your affiliation status with the University of Arizona: Meal Plan, Parking, Printing and Copying, Laundry, Library Services, Bookstore, Recreation Center, ZonaZoo Athletics, keyless access to buildings, and verification of signature.

Replacement Cards

The University will not be responsible for any charges made using the card. When your card is replaced, a new ISO number will be issued. (The old card, if located, cannot be reactivated.) All existing services linked to your CatCard will automatically be updated. If you experience issues with your keyless access privileges, contact the keyless access administrator for your building.

Fees for Cards

Eligible Faculty and Staff, as part of their employment, are issued their first CatCard free of charge. Students and Associates pay $25.00 for their first CatCard. Student cards are automatically charged to their UAccess Student Account. All cardholders pay $25.00 for replacement if lost, damaged, destroyed or altered cards.


  • Employees or Students with a legal name change documented in UAccess Employee or Student
  • If the card is stolen and a valid police report is presented within 90 days of the card replacement
  • If you have submitted a preferred name in UAccess Student, the preferred name will be printed on your card.
  • To have your preferred name printed on your replacement card at no charge, you must turn in your current CatCard. This is a onetime exception

Financial Obligations

The University of Arizona may, at its sole discretion, utilize the services of an external collection agency or law firm to collect any unpaid portion or balance owed to the University of Arizona and incurred by you through the use of your CatCard. You acknowledge, understand and hereby agree that you are solely responsible for any and all collection costs (including reasonable attorney fees) charged by an external collection agency for the collection of any amount not paid when due and further authorize the University of Arizona to add all collection costs to the balance of your unpaid obligation.

Amendment of Terms and Conditions

The University of Arizona reserves the right to amend the CatCard terms and conditions from time to time and make reasonable changes to the procedures for card use, which will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time of card activation. Changes can be found at: https://catcard.arizona.edu