Loss or Theft

If you find someone else's CatCard, please contact the CatCard Office immediately.

Lost Cards

If you lose your CatCard, you should take the following action:

  • Call the Meal Plan/CatCash Office at 520-621-7043 [Option 1] to have your balances frozen.
  • Call the Library Reference Desk at 520-621-6442 to have your library account frozen.
  • If needed, request temporary cards from the Meal Plan/CatCash Office and Residence Life to continue making purchases and provide access to your residence hall.
  • In the event that someone returns your CatCard, our office will notify you through your University email account. You will need to come to the CatCard Office to retrieve your card. Be prepared to provide your University ID number for verification purposes.

There is a $25 fee for replacement cards. Once you are issued a new card, the Meal Plan/CatCash funds will be transferred and all other card privileges will resume.

Stolen Cards

Immediately take the same action as above. The $25.00 fee will be waived if a copy of the police report is produced within 90 days of issuance and it states that your CatCard or wallet was stolen.