Obtaining a CatCard

Students, faculty, staff, and some Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs) of the University of Arizona are eligible to receive a CatCard. To obtain your CatCard, bring the following items to the CatCard Office:

  • A government or state issued photograph identification such as a driver's license, state identification card, or passport. A high school issued ID is not an acceptable form of identification.
  • A completed and signed Terms and Conditions form
  • Student or employee ID number

Note: Student and employee ID numbers will not appear on the face of your CatCard, but will be encoded electronically to be used for University internal purposes only. The number will not be provided to outside entities without your prior consent.

Eligibility, Initial Costs, and Replacement Costs

  Eligibility Initial Cost Replacement Payment
Students Must be enrolled in at least one class $25 $25 Bursar Account
DCCs Refer to the DCC Quick Reference Matrix to determine eligibility and cost $25
(Exceptions may apply)
$25 CatCard Office
Faculty and Staff Must have been issued an employee identification number (EmplID) and show active status in the payroll system Free $25 CatCard Office

Changes to Your CatCard

Changes to the CatCard (e.g., name, University ID#, ISO#, Status) can be made for a replacement fee of $25. Cardholders may elect to have their preferred name changed at no charge as a one-time exception, but must turn in the current CatCard at the same time.

The $25 replacement fee can be waived for employees with a name change that is documented in UAccess Employee.

The CatCard Office accepts cash, check, or debit/credit card.