Enterprise Directory Service (EDS)

The CatCard ISO number is included in the University of Arizona Enterprise Directory Service (EDS), which provides a repository of real-time "live" identity data – including biographic, demographic, role- and membership-related attributes – for students, faculty, staff, departmental sponsored visitors and others. EDS can be accessed by services (programs, scripts, etc.) through simple, secure, and standardized interfaces.

With a properly developed application, you can use EDS to:

  • Return a list of CatCard ISO numbers belonging to the employees in your department which can be given to Amer-X for keyless access to your area
  • Determine, for a given ISO number or EmplID, whether someone has the appropriate university status (similar to the CatCard Electronic Status application in FSO's ISW)
  • Convert a list of collected ISO numbers to their corresponding EmplID/SID
  • Determine, on the fly, if a swiped CatCard is the current one for the cardholder, and then return the cardholders EmplID/SID (useful for billing a student's Bursar account using only their CatCard)

In order to translate the CatCard ISO number to EmplID, SID, or University ID, you will need access to EDS. EDS is designed to be queried by applications to get XML formatted data on individuals or groups associated with the University of Arizona.

Request for Access

Before requesting access to EDS, you must have completed FERPA training.

Once you have completed FERPA training, you may go to the EDS website to request access.

Electronic Status

Electronic Status remains active for existing users, but is no longer available for new users.

For new users, please refer to the EDS instructions above.