Department Services

EDS and Electronic Status Access

The CatCard ISO number is included in the University of Arizona's Enterprise Directory Service (EDS), which provides a repository of real-time "live" identity data – including biographic, demographic, role- and membership-related attributes – for students, faculty, staff, departmental sponsored visitors and others. EDS can be accessed by services (programs, scripts, etc.) through simple, secure, and standardized interfaces.

Electronic Signature Viewer

CatCard E-Signature application in FSO Portal

E-Signature Submission Form

For University of Arizona employees who sign auditable documents and whose electronic signature is not on file in the electronic signature database. This form is designed only for people who reside outside of the Tucson metropolitan area.

Internal Billing

UA Departments: Use account number and object code 1704700-0616, and expense object code 5490, when creating internal billing for services from the CatCard office.