Card Privileges

The CatCard can be used for account access and authorization for the following services on campus:

Bursar Account

Your CatCard can be used to authorize charges to your Bursar Account from Meal Plan purchases, Campus Health charges, and Bookstore charges.

Campus Recreation Center

Your CatCard is used at the Campus Recreation Center to verify your student status, as visual identification when accessing the facility, and to check out sporting equipment.

Parking & Transportation

Parking & Transportation services coming soon.

Arizona Athletics (ZonaZoo)

Your CatCard is used to verify that you have purchased a ZonaZoo pass, and as visual identification when attending athletic events.

UA Libraries

Your CatCard will verify and grant privileges to UA Libraries, such as book check-outs, laptops, and study rooms.

Keyless Building/Room Access

Depending on your authorization privileges, your CatCard may allow access to specific buildings (ex. Residence Halls) or rooms (ex. Laboratories) by any combination of card swipe, SmartChip proximity detection, PIN code, or Biometric scan.

For assistance, see our Keyless Access Video Tutorials, Instructions, and Troubleshooting Tips.

Putting Money on Your CatCard

For information on storing and managing money on your card, refer to the Money Management page.